We want your input!

With time, we hope to progressively improve the quality and scope of ROME. In our opinion, user feedback is vital to the process of code improvement, and we welcome feedback which includes (but is not restricted to):

  • Bug Reports
  • Suggestions on how to improve existing code
  • Suggestions on further extensions of ROME's scope, additional functionality you would like to see
  • Examples in ROME that you would like to share with others

Of course we welcome positive feedback as well: if ROME is particularly helpful for you in your area of research, we'd really like to know as well. Your feedback will help to guide the future direction for ROME's development. For bug reports, please additionally include

  • The version of ROME that you are using
  • Your machine's architecture and operating system
  • A simple piece of sample code that illustrates the bug (will be most helpful)

Please direct all correspondence to:
rome email address

Disclaimer: While we will certaintly factor take your feedback into consideration in ROME's development, we reserve the right to make any changes (and bug fixes) to ROME's code in accordance with our own development schedule.